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TOM DUNDEE: Letter revealing his feelings of being arrested

Source : FB United Organization of Freethais Against Dictatorship : UFD

TOM DUNDEE: Letter revealing his feelings of being arrested

Wed, 2014-09-17 07:30

Note: This is a transcript from Tom Dundee’s talk revealing his feelings and condition when he was arrested. A former singer-turned-political activist, and most recently a farmer planting bamboo, Tom has been detained at Bangkok Remand Prison. He was charged with violation of Article 112 and failure to report to NCPO when summoned.

The problem first started after martial law was declared. I was gardening at my father’s home in Phetchaburi. I told a friend that if there was an announcement by NCPO for Thanat Thanawachanon, let me know immediately. This is because my house has no TV nor radio so I would never know if summoned. Unfortunately NCPO announcement used my old name “Panthiwa Pumiprathet” so I received no news from my friend.

On June 8, 2014 around 9pm, there was an announcement for Thanat Thanawachanon. My friend called to inform me on June 9, 2014 around 11am while I was supervising farm workers. I heard the news during lunch break so I contacted my friend who worked in Princess Siridhorn’s “Santiparp project” at Amphur Jana, Sabayoi and spoke to Lt Gen Tanayod to make an appointment to report to NCPO. Lt Gen Tanayod then informed Col. Nithi. I called Col. Nithi afterwards and was advised that, given the time of this call, it would be rather difficult to report on that day. He would arrange for me to report on the following day June 10, 2014 at 1000-1100 at the Thai Army Club, Bangkok.

After the appointment had been fixed, around 3pm on the same day, I drove my pickup truck carrying farm produce – sweet bamboo shoot Kim Sung to deliver to our client. While driving down the road in Kaeng Krachan, about 10 km away from home, a Jeep Cherokee followed, cut in front my truck and with a convoy of four vehicles parked behind. Then, a group of armed men (with battle rifles and pistols) around 15-20 people surrounded my car and shouted for us not resist or fight and to come out of the truck. (Their action) caused bewilderment and fear to me and my wife very much. At the same time a soldier in uniform and a plainclothes police officer identified themselves and arrested me for failing to report after being summoned by NCPO. Without arrest warrant, without hearing any explanation whatsoever, a convey of military vehicles and soldiers in uniform, wearing bulletproof vest, took me to the 15th Infantry Battalion, Phetchaburi Province.

After arrival, soldiers and police offers came to interrogate me and charged me with trying to escape and obstructing official duties. They also accused me of involvement in war weapons, forming up arm forces and a plan to bomb Rajchaburi Province. They also charged me with defamation, insults or threatens to the monarchy (Article 112).

The officers thought and concluded according to the vision of those in power. I feel really sorry that taxes are used to take care of these people, too immature to run the country.

I was interrogated from 8.30pm to 11.20pm. Soliders came to take me to the Ranger Forces, Lard Ya, Kanjanoburi Province. Soliders from Ranger Forces took care of me very well. They were familiar to me because we planted trees together to celebrate the monarchy at Prachuabkirikan Province. Two nights in their I gave advices on playing music for many hours.

On June 12, 2014 at 5.00 am 5 military police officers from Bangkok and a solider driver came to get me for interrogation at the Thai Army Club, Bangkok. We arrived at 7.30 am, the officers took me to a small room where I waited for about 2 hours before being brought to another room. They put a cloth bag over my head and handcuffed me and took me to a car. The car then drove off.

Travel time was approximately half an hour before the car parked. I was taken on a winding path into a small air-conditioned room, told to sit on a chair with my head pushed downward. Just for a while another group of people, maybe 3 people, came in and started the interrogation.

- One person seemed to be sitting in the right hand side, and taking notes and supplying questions.
- The second one turned on the audio clip related to the investigation.
- The third one was standing in front asking questions.

Throughout the interrogation, I was threatened, insulted, and repeatedly shouted at with sarcastic words. They threatened that they could kill me and get away, that they would bring in my wife and children to torture until I confess.

Not less than 3 sets of officers took turn to interrogate me with the same questions:

“Where do you keep the weapons?”
“How many people your forces consist of?
“We have complete evidence!”

I answered according to facts as far as I know. I said, “I do not know anything about the bomb. Have no war weapons, no forces and are not involved in weapons trading.”
“If you (soldiers) have a picture of me holding war weapons, in which movies? Since I was an action movie actor, I carried gun in most movies. Moreover since I am a well-known singer, why should I damage my reputation. Wouldn’t it be more fun to ride a chopper, drive, wine and dine?
The reason I came out to fight for democracy is for the wellbeing of the people. I don’t like wars and violence. I like people who love each other “make love not war”. If you soldiers have clear evidence like you said, you can go ahead and hang me.”

(Addition) While being interrogated and coerced, I tried to explain about the defamation of monarchy charge. I told them that I worked for the Princess Siridhorn project, “Peace for the southern part”. I planted trees and took part in creating glorifying verses with 7,000 big motorcycles at a stadium in Kanchanaburi Province and at the Air Force Stadium in Bangkok, and many others.

One of the interrogators said, “Liar! Bastard! I am not interested!”
When they were not successful in intimidating me, they talked to me nicely, befriended and asked me the same questions to which I gave the same answers again and again.

Oh yes, I almost forgot. During the interrogation, when I said that I was a movie star, the interrogation team stopped briefly and asked me who I was. When I said I am Tom Dundee, they were stunned and immediately left the room. When they returned, the way of questioning changed drastically. From rude pronouns “mung”, “goo” to “khun”, “pom”, “krub” “We are friends. Don’t be upset!” “I am just doing my job.” Ha..ha..ha.. This is Thai soldiers!

The interrogation began early in the morning until past 11pm. I got a pack of fried rice with peppers but I could not eat because of I was handcuffed. Luckily there was a comb of banana enough to sustain hunger. When the interrogation ended and they were (probably not) satisfied, they forced me to sign an attestation that "The military did not threaten. The military talked to the suspect well. The military did not assault or cause bodily harm." If I were not Tom Dundee, I would cough up blood like other suspects. But who knows.

After the interrogation ended at 11.30 of June 12, 2014 night, military police officers brought me back to the Thai Army Club, same place as in the morning. It took just 5 minute drive whereas the morning drive took more than half an hour. I guess it is in the same compound as the Army Club. I said to the soldiers who were with me that, "In the movies I acted, they used the same technique.” They asked how I knew and laughed.

Then they put me in the car and removed the bag that covered my head. I was taken to Aksa Road which was temporary military station. I met 4 red shirt detainees - 1 man and 3 women but were not allowed to talk. I was separated to sleep alone.

June 13, 2014 military police officers sent me to the Crime Suppression Division for police interrogation and detention. I met those who raised three fingers – 2 men and 1 woman (Khun Ning) there. Sleeping at the CSD Lardprao for 2 nights before the investigation officers sent me to Court Martial Bangkok (Sanam Luang) to be later sent to the Bangkok Remand Prison, Division 1.

Being in prison is like being in hell. But I met many red shirts there. I was in Division 1 for 3 nights before I could get a bail from military court under the following condition:

1. No involvement in politics
2. No speech on stage
3. No news to media
4. No political movement and going abroad

The military will not bother and press charges against me. Everything ends here. Tom Dundee can accept contracts for concerts and performance freely but has to come in to report according to the schedule.

Military dignity

Of course as a man I would do as promised. But the military lied and ordered my arrest after I went to report. They charged me with violation of the Computer Crime Act and Article 112 and subject me to both the military court and the criminal court. Soldiers stormed my house twice to search for a computer they wanted but could not find. I had no computers. I don’t even know how to use. There are evidences to support my claim but the soldiers would not listen and were not interested. What they did constitutes a very serious libel.

On July 9, 2014 around 2 pm, about 30 military special forces and in plainclothes fully armed raided and arrested me in the bamboo farm like I was a major drug dealer. They tried to scare me but I was not afraod. I was sure that I did not do anything wrong and that I kept my promise to the military.

But they raided and arrested me like I committed a deadly offense. They searched every corner of my house to find the computer but could not find. So they took me to Bangkok and detained me there and later sent me to Technology Crime Suppression Division, 4th floor, Government Complex, Changwatana.

Police officers then kindly added two more charges against me – defamation of the King, Queen, the Heir-apparent which is considered to undermine national security (Article 112) and violation of the computer crime act (Article 14(3)) by inputting such information into the computer system.

I feel sad, deplorable and slight.
Artist like me who had been working for the society all along is now in a pitiful state in the prison. Hell indeed.

My petition to all the media
Tom Dundee
(Mr Thanut Thanawatchanon)

Grievances: I have the following grievances and would like to ask through my friends.
1. Why the clip of my speech last year (2013) only appeared in Youtube during martial law?
2. Why the person who uploaded and explained further on the Internet was not arrested or questioned?
3. Why the accused person is charged and put in jail despite the fact that his right was violated?
4. Is this the best judicial process of Thailand?

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